Message from the Chancellor - Social Media School Threats

Dear Families,

It has come to our attention that there is a social media challenge proposed on TikTok and other social media platforms encouraging students to “call in bomb threats, school shooting threats, etc.” at schools across the  United States. This social media challenge is not specific to only New York City, and many of the posts are  general and not specific to one school.
The safety of everyone who enters our school buildings is always our highest priority and responsibility. Every threat to a school community is taken extremely seriously and we work closely with the NYPD to investigate threats made to any school community. If your school is named in a specific threat, please call 911 immediately and 1-888-NYC-SAFE. Additional supports will be deployed to the school as needed.
Safety and security are a community responsibility, and we are encouraging you to have conversations with your child about responsible social media use and the consequences of making threats. Schools and families can find information about digital citizenship on the DOE webpage: Any social media posts or challenges involving threats or actions of violence against school communities will not be tolerated. Threats of violence have very real consequences  regardless of the reason the threat was made, and we do not want our young people to jeopardize their bright  cultures over social media challenges such as these.
If you or your child witness any suspicious activities on social media, please call 911 or notify a trusted adult if at a school. We are committed to continuing to closely monitor this matter.
Thank you as always for everything you do to keep our school communities safe, and please do not hesitate to reach out to your principal.
In partnership,
Meisha Porter
New York City Schools Chancellor Source: NYC DOE Messages for Families